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  1. The use of Closepeople implies in whole knowledge and acceptance of these Terms of Use. If you do not desire to be linked by our terms of use, please do not use neither access Closepeople and its services.
  1. Closepeople is a free service which facilitates your search and the  encounter of people, thanks to the new “footprints” system. The user must be aware that the functionality of this site depends in a great deal of the quantity or users being stored in our data base. The user is aware and conscious that Closepeople does not verify the information that users publish freely  in this site, or the identity of each one of them. In consecuence Closepleople does not take responsibility of any kind, derived directly or indirectly of the contents published by the users, neither it guarantees that the contents are sincere, exact or updated. Neither it takes any responsibility for further conflicts produced between contacted people through this site, or for actions or sayings of the users, or any violations from the users to any norm of right  to third parties.
  1. Every person who considers him/herself affected by any content published by Closepeople users, can notify the situation writing to Closepeople's support team. Likewise, he/she can exercise the right of access, rectification and suppression of data, and also may express his/her wish to stop receiving information from this site, communicating it to our email address.
  1. The user can only be able to use the information originated from our site and its services for his/her personal use. The user cannot sell neither commercialize in any way, neither yield to third parties the information originated from our site and its services. The user cannot integrate the services we offer in any other site or service, without our previous written consent.
  1. The user is committed to not utilize the information originated from our site for malicious or illegal purposes, contrary to the dignity of the person or to third parties rights, such as their privacy or intimacy, among others.
  1. Regarding the services and third party contents that are offered in the site or by links to the site, Closepeople is limited exclusively to inform the user about them. The products and/or services that are commercialized within the system and/or in third parties' linked sites, are supplied by physical or independent legal people outside Closepeople. Likewise, Closepeople is not, and will not  be considered as the supplier of the goods and/or services that are offered in the mentioned sites. The inclusion of the mentioned sites and/or links does not imply the approval, endorsement, sponsorship, recommendation or guarantee on behalf of Closepeople of the services and goods that market themselves in the sites, neither of the content of the mentioned sites.
  1. The user agrees to receive through email, information on promotions and news that Closepeople could offer and linked in general to the subject matter of the people search, as well as offerings of employment or included services offered by third parties, that the Closepeople team consider acceptable.
  1. Closepeople reserves its right to modify these Terms of Use at any time.
  1. Providing any confidential data through sent messages through Closepeople is completely  responsibility of the user.
  1. Closepeople reserves its right to disqualify any user or team that can be considered undesirable