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"I'm pretty sure that you need to find someone or someone wants to find you", these were the words of one of Closepeople's creators when considering the immediate need for a different website to search for people around the world.

An irrefutable fact is that every year millions of people worldwide get lost (voluntarily or involuntarily) such as friends, family, coworkers or classmates of whom we lose track of day to day.

Born in 2006, Closepeople becomes an amazing website that provides a unique and different concept to find people on the Internet. People Search used to be simply based on "Address Books" or search through other social networks. The reunions were scarce and were due more to good fortune than to the effectiveness of their search engines.

Closepeople works with "Life Footprints". This is information only people who have been with you through your life know.

This database is the only one around the world with this concept, and right now at this time, it's beginning to be the biggest and greatest contact-encounter system that has ever existed.

With your help and the help of the good willing people, we can make our dream come true: DISTANCE NO LONGER EXISTS.