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Press Release - Guide about How to use CP - Tips    

Let’s take the next case into consideration:

For example, you want to find a person whose name is John Smith. If you search for him through the conventional search engines, the result will end up in millions of results. It will be the same if you search for John Smith in any of the many existing social networks, the results will be immense.

The search engines used by the current social networks have very few options, and the filters used are too general and in the end you will also get lots of results, making it very difficult to get in touch with the person you are looking for.

In social networks is useless that you know more information about the person you are looking for.

In addition, in social networks many people use fake info within their profiles and anyone can easily supplant another person. is a unique search system on the Internet. It allows you to find someone by using data that you knew about that person: family, friends, classmates, workmates, etc.

How? If you are looking for John Smith, it’s certain that you know more information about him, for example the names of the closest members of his family, such as  parents,  sisters/brothers, sons/daughters, husband/wife, where he has worked, studied,  nicknames his family or friends called him, cities he's lived in, etc.

This information is what we call "Life Footprints", and our users fill out their profiles freely with it, assuring the info will be kept completely hidden. As long as our users enter as much information as they can, it will help us maintain our position as the World's Best People Directory on the Web.

If you know information such as: John Smith's mother's name is Mary, maybe his father is Anthony, or his brother Joe, or perhaps he studied in the same school you did, or he worked as a manager in a bank, or maybe his nickname was Johnny, and John Smith is already registered at, you will find him for sure.

Our data base is fed by our own users, and all the information is completely safe and hidden, because when you search, the results will only show: name, sex, age, city and birth country. Our system could also lead you to find a relative of the person you're looking for, so therefore the possibilities of getting in touch with that person are higher. services are totally free and we'll never ask you for compromising information. Help us build the World's Greatest People Database.